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Listen to 195 The Globe

The following links will enable you to tune in to the radio revolution. For those using screen readers, I recommend you use the first two links, which will launch with your default media player.

Listen With Your Default Media Player

Listen With our Web Player

For those who don’t have a default media player of choice installed, you can use our web player to tune in. This player will launch in a new window, so you can come back to this page or browse somewhere else while listening.
click here to listen with our Web Player
You can also listen to the station either by

Interacting During A Show

While you’re listening, especially during a live show, you can interact with us in one of the following ways.

  • Tweet to us on twitter to 195_theglobe. For propper twitter decorum, please always use the hash tag #GlobeOnAir so those who aren’t interested can filter out the conversation
  • Chat with us on Teamtalk, which can be downloaded from
  • BearWare
  • If you already have Teamtalk installed,
  • Join Us On TeamTalk<
  • Add us to skype with the following link. This link will launch skype if it’s not loaded already.
  • add us to your skype
  • Already added us to skype?
  • use this link to call us using skype!
  • Or you can call us up by phone when skype is being used by dialing 1-951-525-6562

You can also contact us with any questions or join us if you think you have what it takes to be a broadcaster on our team. Both links are in the nav bar at the top.
Regardless of how you listen or interact, we hope you enjoy our interactive experience with our dynamic team.