The Ancient Sanctum with DJ SilverFire (@loving_angel99)

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Throughout the world, ancient culture is everywhere. This is most
prominent in music, especially in the areas the Celtics, Asians, and Native
Americans called home. They all have their own variants of music. The Celts with their
lighthearted and yet wild pieces, to the Native Americans with there rhythmic A
drumming and interesting use of language, such as calling upon the elements in
magical rituals. This Second kind of music is associated with the Pagan religion,
while the first is a myriad of genres. From choral to strictly instrumental, the
Celtic ballads and songs have been interpreted in many ways. With this in mind, DJ Silver Fire wishes to show her listeners a mix of relaxing and wild songs from a mixture of


  • Monday - 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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