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  • The Broadway Bay (with Kyle Woodruff) Friday, 11:00-13:30

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The following links will lock you in to the globe’s two channels. For our listeners using screen readers, we recommend utilizing the first two links, the first of which will launch your default media player while the second will work for older media players.
Please also note that the globe now has two channels. So if you launch our stream in your default media player of choice, use your player’s back and forward controls to switch between channels.

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You can also listen to the station by asking your Amazon device to “open 195 The Globe,” or by asking Google or Alexa to “play 195 The Globe on Tunein.” You can also search for us directly on the TuneIn app for IOS and android.
If you find all of these web players and modern tech tools too overwhelming, you can listen to the globe using your touch tone phone. Simply pick up the phone and dial
518 896 1583
and you can hear us on your telephone. Give it a try, it’s always up!

Listening Becomes Interacting

While listening, especially during a live show, we hope you will decide to interact with us in any of the following ways.

  • Write us on Twitter using @195_TheGlobe. For proper twitter decorum, please always use the hash tag #GlobeOnAir so those who aren’t interested can filter out the conversation
  • Join Us On TeamTalk
  • Download the client here

  • Learn How You Can Interact With Us Using The Zoom Cloud Meetings Platform (opens in a new window for convenience)
  • When the zoom cloud meetings service is being used to take calls and interact live, you can join us using the following zoom iD if you’ve installed it from the zoom.us web site, or searched for the zoom cloud meetings client for iPhone or android.
    which spells GlobeOnAir. Make sure you enable join computer audio in the zoom settings on pc/mac or hit the internet audio button on the iPhone or droid apps so you can connect once you’ve joined our meeting.
    You can also join us by phone while we’re on zoom by calling
    and entering in the ID
    then hit the pound sign twice.
    Also feel free to contact us with any questions or join us if you think you have what it takes to be a broadcaster on our team. Both links are in the nav bar at the top.
    Regardless, we hope you enjoy our interactive experience with our dynamic team!