Magus Elgar, 11 Episode Audio Drama Searies.

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Magus Elgar plays on the talk channel.

Creater: Kennedy Phillips


Kennedy Phillips - Episode One Cover

Magus Elgar can be heard on this station’s talk channel each night at 11PM US Eastern time.

You can also hear Magus Elgar 7PM US Eastern on Sun, Mon, Tues, Thur. Visit the talk home page for the full lineup

Listen to the interview with Kennedy Phillips, the creater of Magus Elgar.

11 Episodes

  • EP 1 Starts May 5
  • EP2 Starts May 12
  • EP3 Starts May 19
  • EP4 Starts May 26
  • EP5 Starts June 2
  • EP 6 Starts June 9
  • EP7 Starts June 16
  • EP8 Starts June 23
  • EP9 Starts June 30
  • EP10 Starts July 7
  • EP11 Starts July 14

Find out more about Magus Elgar by going to WWW.MagusElgar.COM