Metal Amped Replay With Shane Lowe (@shanelowe1)

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Presented by Shane Lowe, Metal Amped features the best in the aforementioned genre. From hard rock to rap core, progressive metal to punk; Chuck Berry to Buck Cherry, we’ve got it all. There’s no better way to build up to the end of your work week than cranking up the speakers on your stereo and showing ignorant pedestrians how to rock and roll! Tune in every Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 7 eastern to catch this wicked blend of not only studio rock, but live music from your favorite artists, instrumental solos, acoustic tracks, and even interviews with artists you know and love. If that isn’t enough, Shane and guests review a new rock album each week, and are open to suggestions! We want to jam what you want to hear, so boss Shane around! Email the host at, write us on Twitter @195_TheGlobe, or join us on TeamTalk, using the host and ports 10064.
I woke up one morning, and said to myself: “Self, what a great f*cking day for rock n’ roll!”
NOTE: Listener discretion is advised during Metal Amped. The vast majority of Language and content within our music is not censored.
Note that this show can be heard live Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 7 PM eastern.


  • Saturday - 7:00 am - 10:00 am


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